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(Music Supervisor/Orchestrator/Arranger
To Sir With Love Logo.png

Kenny Seymour (Music Supervisor • Orchestrator • Arranger)


Ogunquit Playhouse in association with Lythgoe Family Productions will present a reading of the new musical To Sir With Love, based on the autobiographical novel by E.R. Braithwaite, on November 13, 2023 in New York.

 To Sir With Love is adapted for the stage by Kris Lythgoe with music & lyrics by John Farrar and Kara DioGuardi and directed by Sheldon Epps. The show also includes the title song by Don Black and Mark London, which became the best-selling single of 1967 when the film of the same name was released. Music direction is by Kenny Seymour and casting is by Rachel Hoffman, The Telsey Office. To Sir With Love will be produced in association with Lythgoe Family Productions.

To Sir With Love – immortalized by Sidney Poitier's captivating performance in the 1967 cinematic masterpiece – is an autobiographical story that is every bit as relevant then as it is today. Rick Braithwaite is more than just a Cambridge-educated engineer and a former RAF fighter pilot; he's a man battling societal prejudices at every turn. Refusing to bow to adversity, he engages his students not as troublesome youths but as emerging adults who must soon navigate a world where they'll stand or fall on their own merits. Through a balance of grit and grace, he aims to prepare them for more than just exams; he prepares them for life.

Pictured L to R - Keith Robinson (Guitar), Clayton Craddock (Drums), George Farmer (Bass), Kenny Seymour (Keys)

Kenny Pictured with Sidney Poitier May 15th 2014 when Sidney came to see "The Tallest Tree In The Forest"

Mark Taper Forum at the Music Center in Los Angeles

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