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Music Director / Orchestrations

Kenny Seymour writes Orchestrations for this "Fresh and Exuberantly Youthful" Production of Vietgone. Original Music for the production written by Shane Rettig.

A modern twist on the All-American love story, Qui Nguyen’s (She Kills Monsters) new play Vietgone pulses with contemporary energy. It’s the classic story of boy meets girl – except this boy and girl are refugees from the Vietnam War newly settled in a relocation camp inside Middle America. Borrowing elements from the world of up-to-the-minute popular culture to recreate the playwright’s own parents’ meeting, Vietgone ranges from hilarity to heart-wrenching drama. Nguyen and director May Adrales (Luce) skip through time and around the globe to present a fresh theatrical take on a moving account of one real family’s history.

Orchestrations by Kenny Seymour
Orchestrations by Kenny Seymour
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