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(Music Supervisor/Arrangements/Orchestrations)

As Music Supervisor/Orchestrator & Arranger, Kenny Seymour was tasked with re-creating the Authentic legendary sound of Bob Marley for a stellar 9 piece band at Baltimore's Center Stage.


The Show had completed a limited run from May 7th to June 14th.   Completely Sold Out!

From Center Stage Artistic Director Kwame Kwei-Armah, comes a world premiere musical based on the life and music of Bob Marley. After a failed attempt on his life, Marley left Jamaica in 1976 for London, where he spent nearly two years in self-imposed exile. Chronicling the events surrounding this earth-shaking moment, Marley tells the story of a man transformed into one of the 20th Century’s greatest musical icons. Set in the soundscape of an era, this new musical weaves together the life and music of a man who, to heal himself, first healed his homeland.




Marley at Center Stage (Baltimore, MD)
Mitchell Brunings (Bob Marley) & Kenny Seymour
Marley at Center Stage (Baltimore, MD)
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