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The Wiz (Oregon Shakespeare Festival)

(Arrangements/Orchestration Reductions/Synthesizer Programming)

Kenny Seymour joined the Oregon Shakespeare Festival working on "The Wiz" for the 2016 season.

Kenny wore many hats for this production.  


• He was tasked with reducing the original broadway orchestrations (Penned by the Phenomal Harold Wheeler) from 21 instruments to a compact 8.

• He also Served as the productions "Synth Programmer" as well as designing the "MainStage Synth Rig"the shows 2 keyboard chairs 

• And lastly acting as Associate Music Director, crafting the contributing to the crafting of the sound of the show.

The quintessential feel-good musical

Dorothy, the Scarecrow, a witch named Evillene and that charismatic huckster the Wiz will light up the stage in this uproarious, song-filled adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, told through the lens of the African-American experience. With its arch social commentary, journey of self-discovery and infectious songs like “Ease On Down the Road,” The Wiz won seven Tony Awards and had a triumphant four-year run on Broadway. OSF is thrilled to bring this cultural touchstone of the 1970s to our outdoor Allen Elizabethan Theatre.



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